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BCCI Considers Rescheduling India vs. Pakistan ODI World Cup Clash Amidst Festive Conflict

In a significant move that could impact the ODI World Cup schedule, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is contemplating rescheduling the highly anticipated match between India and Pakistan in Ahmedabad. The proposed date change would shift the match from October 15 to October 14, due to a clash with the Hindu festival of Navaratri. This article delves into the reasons behind this potential adjustment and its implications for both teams and fans.

Concerns Surrounding the Original Schedule

The decision to reconsider the match date stems from a vital factor – the commencement of the Hindu festival of Navaratri on October 15. Local authorities, particularly the police, have expressed apprehensions about managing the security arrangements on this day, urging the BCCI to consider an alternative date.

BCCI's Interaction with the ICC and State Associations

The BCCI has not remained passive about this issue and has already notified the International Cricket Council (ICC) about the matter. However, a concrete decision has not yet been reached. To gather more insights and opinions, the BCCI has scheduled a meeting with all the state associations hosting World Cup matches on July 27, where a final verdict is expected to be made.

The Potential Impact on the Teams

The original schedule had slated October 14 as a double-header day, with England playing Afghanistan in a day match in Delhi and New Zealand taking on Bangladesh in a day-night game in Chennai. This adjustment could alter the preparation and strategies of the teams involved, especially India and Pakistan.

India's World Cup journey begins on October 8 with a game against Australia in Chennai. They are then set to face Afghanistan on October 11 in Delhi before clashing with arch-rivals Pakistan. Following this match, India's subsequent fixture is against Bangladesh on October 19 in Pune.

On the other hand, Pakistan plays their initial matches against Netherlands in Hyderabad on October 6, the second day of the tournament, and Sri Lanka on October 12, also in Hyderabad. After their match against India, their next fixture is against Australia in Bengaluru on October 20.

If the India-Pakistan match is rescheduled to October 14, Pakistan will have a mere one-day gap between their matches in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. In contrast, India will enjoy a two-day break, possibly giving them an advantage in terms of rest and preparation.

Fans and Stakeholders Concerns

The rescheduling decision comes approximately a month after the BCCI initially released the World Cup schedule, which itself encountered significant delays. Fans and stakeholders have already made travel arrangements, booking flights and hotels in Ahmedabad, looking forward to witnessing one of the most iconic and widely followed sporting events globally.


The potential rescheduling of the India-Pakistan clash in the ODI World Cup raises several pertinent concerns, including logistical challenges, team preparation, and fan inconvenience. As the BCCI weighs its options and engages in discussions with the ICC and state associations, cricket enthusiasts across the world eagerly await the final verdict. The decision taken will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the tournament's dynamics and will be closely watched by millions of fans who cherish this historic rivalry.