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Enhancing Cybersecurity: NSA Ajit Doval Attends ‘Friends of BRICS’ Meeting

In a significant gathering at the South African capital of Johannesburg, National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval actively participated in the ‘Friends of BRICS’ meeting, focusing primarily on the crucial topic of cybersecurity. Alongside BRICS, this meeting saw the presence of allied countries such as Belarus, Burundi, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Cuba.

Collective Efforts for Cybersecurity Challenges

Ajit Doval underscored the urgent need for collaborative efforts in tackling the emerging challenges posed by cybersecurity. He particularly stressed on the necessity of the Global South to overcome resource limitations, and India, in this context, pledged to be at the forefront, working closely with the Global South.

The Rising Gravity of Cyber Risks

The NSA also drew attention to the exponential escalation of cyber risks with the advent of disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Internet of Things. As these technologies continue to advance, the potential threats to cybersecurity grow significantly.

Unraveling the Link Between Cyber Criminals and Terrorists

During the meeting, Ajit Doval shed light on the intricate connection between cyber criminals and terrorists. He highlighted their exploitation of cyberspace for various illicit activities, including financing, money laundering, radicalizing, lone wolf attacks, recruitment, and secure communications.

Addressing the Vulnerability of the Youth

In his address, the NSA pointed out that the younger population, being highly technology-savvy and impressionable, remains particularly vulnerable to the spread of extremist ideologies through social media platforms. This raises concerns about the ease with which radical groups can influence and recruit individuals through these digital channels.

Bilateral Meetings with BRICS and Allies

Apart from the larger discussions on cybersecurity, Ajit Doval also engaged in several bilateral meetings with counterparts from both BRICS nations and the participating Friends of BRICS countries. These meetings served as an opportunity to strengthen mutual cooperation and address specific security concerns.

As the ‘Friends of BRICS’ meeting concluded, the importance of global collaboration and vigilance in combating cyber threats became evident. The cybersecurity landscape is ever-evolving, and concerted efforts are essential to safeguard the digital world from potential dangers. With India taking an active role in this pursuit, the prospects of a safer cyber environment for the Global South seem promising.

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