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Indian Women’s Team Captain Harmanpreet Kaur Faces Suspension Ahead of Hangzhou Asian Games

Indian women's team captain, Harmanpreet Kaur, may be forced to sit out the first two games of the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games due to charges of equipment abuse and public criticism of match officials. These charges came after the thrilling tied third ODI against Bangladesh on Saturday. During the match, Harmanpreet was given out leg before off a Nahida Akter delivery while attempting a sweep. However, she vehemently contested the decision, claiming she had made contact with the ball before being dismissed. In a fit of rage, she shattered the stumps before leaving the field.

The Post-Match Presentation Ceremony

Following the match, at the post-match presentation ceremony, Harmanpreet expressed her displeasure with the umpiring decisions. She went on to label the level of umpiring as “pathetic” and even sarcastically suggested that the umpires be invited to join the teams for the trophy ceremony.

An Unruly Display and Its Consequences

Harmanpreet's boorish behavior did not sit well with the Bangladesh skipper, Nigar Sultana, who responded by leading her team off the field. She urged her Indian counterpart to learn some “manners” in light of the unsporting conduct.

The charges against Harmanpreet have been filed by ICC international panel match referee Akter Ahmed, who is also from Bangladesh. As per the rules, there is an ongoing debate about whether Harmanpreet will receive three demerit points or four. The charges leveled against her include match equipment abuse and criticism of match officials.

Potential Penalties

If Harmanpreet accumulates four demerit points within a span of 24 months, she will be sidelined for either a Test match or two limited-overs games. In this case, it could mean missing the first two games of the Asiad. However, if she receives only three demerit points, she will face a financial penalty instead.

Tension in the Series

The three-match ODI series between India and Bangladesh ended in a dramatic 1-1 draw, with both teams finishing with an identical score of 225 runs. The tense encounters have added to the rivalry between the two sides, making the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games even more intriguing.


While Harmanpreet Kaur's prowess on the field is undeniable, her recent behavior has raised concerns about sportsmanship. The charges against her for equipment abuse and criticism of match officials could result in her missing crucial matches at the Hangzhou Asian Games. As a role model for aspiring cricketers, it is essential for Harmanpreet to set an example of fair play and respect for the game's rules and officials. As fans eagerly await the resolution of the matter, they hope to see a return to the competitive spirit and camaraderie that makes cricket a beloved sport worldwide.